Inspired by Anthro

I just recently reconnected with an old college roommate via the glorious stalker’s haven of Facebook.  [waves “hi Sarah!”]  We only lived together for a summer and she was so quiet- not in a shy or snooty way but in a very thoughtful, pensive, and hopelessly chic way.   I never really got to know her as well as I wanted to.

I remember after that summer when she went to work for Anthropologie as an assistant buyer, thinking she was hands-down the coolest girl I’ve ever known.  She still works there, as a buyer, pretty much the dream job of every female I know.  I get cool points by proxy for sharing living quarters with her for three months, right?  Right???

So today I’m inspired to show you some Anthro displays that could easily be translated into wedding decor.  These are the kinds of displays that I love to create for clients, like Carlton and Ansley’s BHLDN inspired backdrop- they are unique, whimsical, and beautiful.  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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