Hippie Glam

Hippie Glam Party
Hippie Glam Party by ashpep featuring hair clip accessories
Happy Monday!
Today I wanted to share a mood board that I created for a former coworker and forever friend.  She is throwing a surprise 40th birthday party for a friend of hers, a gentleman with a love for the Dead and a fun, spirited personality.  I’m often contacted by clients who have the time and ability to execute a design, but are stuck on just what direction to go in and how to start.  That’s where I come in with a basic design plan.  Here is Christina’s.
The room is more or less a blank slate, but with floor-to-ceiling windows clad in glamorous gold drapes I thought it better to work with the canvas provided and stick with a rich color scheme.  As you can see, hippy can be sexy, with a palate of red, black, and gold like the vintage tapestry in the board.  I also suggested that she try to borrow or thrift an oriental rug to place in one corner of the room, surrounded by big floor pillows in coordinating colors, to create a sultry and cozy lounge area.  I just love this design and wish I was in Wilmington so I could crash!!!  Love you, Christina.  Can’t wait to see this vision brought to life!
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