See Jack Slush.

Tonight the husband and I are going on a double date to an improv theater and a little sandwich joint.  This particular sandwich joint serves Jack and Coke slushies.  In mason jars.  We are a little too excited.

It got me thinkin, though, why not have an adult slushie option at your wedding?  What a fun take on the signature cocktail!   Especially for a summer wedding in the steamy south.

For a little over $100 you can rent a frozen drink machine, and just customize your choice of mixers.  This is an opportunity to get really fun and playful.  Here are some ideas:

  • Creamsicle:  Orange juice and whipped cream vodka
  • Frozen Mojito (alternatively, “frojito”):  Lemon-lime soda, white rum, and mint
  • Root Beer Float:  Root beer and vanilla vodka
  • Drunken Arnold Palmer:  Lemonade and Firefly sweet tea vodka
  • Grown-up Frappuccino:  Coffee, coffee liqueur, cream, topped with whipped cream and a green straw of course!
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