I am the best kind of neurotic.

Have you ever squealed with delight and busted out a full-on happy dance in the paint aisle of JoAnn Fabric?  I did just that today.  I have been searching high and low for this little gem- Krylon gloss spraypaint in Coral Isle.  I was there today looking for remnants of chiffon, and there it was.  Beckoning to me from deep within the sea of glittery pipe cleaners and pom-poms.

You see, I was just about to resort to ordering a case of this stuff through Sherwin-Williams.  (Did you know they own Krylon?  Did you know their stores will order you whatever color you want, with no shipping charge?  Did you know you have to order a case of it?   Now you know.)  But for my brides…  That’s what I do.  Because I’m crazy.  The best kind of crazy- the fabric fringe ripping, glitter covered, spraypaint obsessed, kind of crazy you want designing your wedding day.

Don’t forget to enter the chance to be my date to the Not Wedding!

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