Calling all Lovely Brideys!

Wanna go to the Not Wedding 2012 in Atlanta?

For FREE???

Leave a comment below and tell me why I should pick you!  You must be engaged and ideally have not hired many (or any!) vendors yet.  We wanna show you what we’re made of!

I will randomly choose a winner in one week, on Tuesday, February 28.


2 thoughts on “Calling all Lovely Brideys!

  1. Kristina Obispo on said:

    Pick me! Pick me! I am starting from scratch a year after my engagement because we relocated to Atlanta. I am desperate for some guidance! I spend many hours planning the perfect Tampa wedding but the only thing to stick is my planner (I would have lost the full amount) but she isn’t familiar with Atlanta vendors so I’m on my own. Fortunate for me I was blessed that Angie Gunga is my fiancée’s boss’s wife! She linked me to you & this contest. Please, please pick me!

  2. I neeeeeeeed a ticket to this thing! I must see all the genius that will be palpating through those walls!!!!! Choose me choose me (plus your eggplant parm is in the oven as we speak)

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